Terra Firma Masters Old World Style Tile In New Tile Designs

Terra Firma tile has produced handmade stoneware tile since 1997. Finding inspiration in European and old American style homes, Terra Firma uses the highest quality of clay to create a style that is a unique balance of bungalow meets old-world tiles. Terra Firma Tile showcases decorative tiles, architectural moldings, and flat field tiles, a look achieved by uses traditional methods of creating moulds by pressing plaster and baking glazes and bisque firing, to maintain each tile authenticity. Terra Firma supplies tile sizes from 1×1 to 8×8 to be installed as kitchen backsplash, fireplaces, hearth, showers, accents on outdoor areas and more. To see authentic tiles visit our Virtue Tile store and showroom in Summit, New Jersey or contact us to customize your ideal tile design using Terra Firma Tile today.

Find inspiration and bring Terra Firma old-world tile into your home. Call us today at (908) 273-6936!