Selecting, Designing and Installing Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are known for their high absorption thereby making them durable and ideal for outdoor areas due to their density. Porcelain tiles are much harder than ceramic times and are very stain resistant. This type of tile can achieve a similar look to that of natural stone such as granite or limestone. Porcelain tile is found in two forms: thorough-bodied and glazed. Thorough-bodied Porcelain tiles are often used for floor tiles, countertops and wall tile because the durable texture hides imperfections as the color and texture does not have a glaze that could wear down. Glazed Porcelain tile, however, offers a finish and is featured in a wider variety of colors than the typical white tiles and grey tile colors. Porcelain tile is versatile as it can be utilized for indoor use on countertop tiles, flooring tiles as well as outdoor tiles areas such walkways, pools and more. An added benefit of porcelain tiles is their affinity to be used for in-floor heating.

Popular Porcelain Tile Brands Displayed In Our NJ Store and Showroom

At Virtue Tile located near you in Summit, New Jersey, we serve Union, Essex and Morris county including Madison, Morristown, Livingston, Bernardsville and West Orange. Our knowledgable tile designers work with you to customize a beautiful design to enhance your space. We provide our customers with top-rated porcelain tile brands such as Quemere tile, Sonoma Tilemakers and Walker Zanger tile, elegantly displayed in our store showroom. We also carry Italian and Spanish imported tiles from Porcelanosa and offer brands such as Akdo tile, Lunada Bay tile, Seneca tile, Epro tile, Metaphor Bronze tile, Bronzework Studios tile, Glazzio tile and Ken Mason tile.

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